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My girlfriend gained 30 lbs and she doesn't want me to talk to her about it. What should I do? I love her but I'm not attracted to her anymore.

There's only one approach that will save you now. Are you willing to take it? 


Why do parents act like they're angry at their kids all the time?

What happens when we take our kids for granted.


Do you feel stuck, confused, and don't know what to do next? Or do you just need a second opinion? Welcome to --a personal advice column for kids and adults. 

I'm Anna. I believe that every step forward begins with a question. So whether you have a personal, a relationship question, a parenting issue, or an issue with your parents, don't hesitate to ask. 


The easiest way to reach me is by filling out this form. 


Take care, and talk soon.


I know I am entitled to being angry towards my parents after being let down emotionally, but I want to move on and heal. How do I do that when I still live with them? Communication is extremely difficult with them.


When the only thing you can change is your approach.


My parents tell me I get annoyed all the time but they don’t complain when my sister talks back and acts so much worse. Is this normal?

What to do about unfair parents.





My girlfriend’s sister lives in the same apartment complex as me. My GF visits her sister every day but doesn’t visit me. I’ve tried to talk to her about it but she’s acting dismissive and refuses to discuss it. What should I do? 


What to do when your partner's silence speaks volumes.


The guy I’m seeing lied about the date of his grandmother’s death and I don’t know what to do.


When to speak up and when to wait and see. 



How do you make your parents happy and proud?

It's usually easier than you think.

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